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Honoring the heroic Jewish chaplains of World War II and Vietnam

“I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.” – Jewish proverb

In Arlington National Cemetery stand three monuments dedicated to the memory of the heroic chaplains who have given their lives in time of war. The monuments honor the Protestant chaplains who died in World War I and World War II; the Catholic chaplains who died in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. But there is no monument dedicated to the memory of the 13 Jewish chaplains who died during World War II and Vietnam (see list below).

The Association of Jewish Chaplains of the Armed Forces seeks to rectify this oversight by dedicating a monument in memory of these chaplains at Arlington National Cemetery. It builds on the legacy of Rabbi Alexander Goode, one of the legendary Four Chaplains of World War II who gave up their lives to save other soldiers in the sinking of the USAT Dorchester.
Your help is needed to ensure that these 13 heroic Jewish chaplains are given their rightful place among our nation’s heroes. Checks, made payable to the Association of Jewish Chaplains (with “Monument Fund” written on the memo line), should be sent to the Association at 520 Eighth Ave., 4th floor, New York, N.Y. 10018. Credit cards are also accepted.
For more information contact Ken Kraetzer at (914) 450-9554 or; or Sol Moglen at (201) 415-1141.

Remembering 13 Jewish Chaplains

The Association of Jewish Chaplains of the U.S. Military hopes to erect a monument dedicated to the memory of these thirteen Jewish chaplains who died serving their nation in World War II, Korea and Vietnam/Southeast Asia:


Rabbi Alexander Goode, Feb. 3 1943
Rabbi Louis Werfel, Dec. 24, 1943
Rabbi Herman L. Rosen, June 18, 1943
Rabbi Henry Goody, Oct. 19, 1943
Rabbi Samuel D. Hurowitz, Dec. 9, 1943
Rabbi Irving Tepper, Aug. 13, 1944
Rabbi Frank Goldenberg, May 22, 1946
Rabbi Nachman S. Arnoff, May 9, 1946
Rabbi Solomon Rosen, Nov. 2, 1948


Rabbi Samuel Rosen, May 13, 1955


Rabbi Meir Engel, Dec. 16, 1964
Rabbi Morton H. Singer, Dec. 17 1968
Rabbi David Sobel, March 7, 1974

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