Jewish mom cooks up brisket and babka for frat boys and Hillel kids

Special to the Ledger

WESTPORT – How far would a Jewish mother travel for her son…and 49 of his good buddies? One day last month, Westport Jewish mom Jane Moritz traveled 400 miles to prepare a traditional Jewish meal for her son’s Allegheny College Phi Delta Theta fraternity and members of the Allegheny Hillel in Meadville, Penn.

Allegheny College president James H. Mullen, Jr., joined the roomful of hungry college kids who gathered at the campus Hillel to feast on a menu of brisket, potato kugel and more, prepared by Moritz, owner of Challah Connection, an online Jewish gift and gourmet kosher gift basket company
“When Sam [Moritz] first asked me to come to his college and cook for 50 kids, I looked at him like he was crazy,” said Moritz. “But I then began to realize that this was a lovely opportunity to share our traditions…and that it was my mitzvah for that day. One of the most important messages that I have learned from my business, Challah Connection, is that no matter where you come from, no matter what your religion or ethnic background, we all come together over great food. “

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