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Judaica Shop Goes Eco-Friendly for Hanukkah

Eco-friendly menorah options

As you light the first Chanukah candle on Wednesday night, Dec. 1, be kind to the environment. The Judaica Shop at Congregation B’nai Jacob in Woodbridge gave us tips on how to be environmentally conscious using any one of several eco-friendly menorahs that are on the market today.

D-Lite Candles has created a natural stone Menorah, which burns odorless, smokeless, lamp oil, and utilizes a fiberglass adjustable wick that never needs to be replaced. Every D-Lite Candle is made from a stone that is handpicked for its beauty, shape, and appeal. The glass reservoirs holding the oil are permanently sealed to the rock, to prevent leakage. Each menorah is finished with a hand-shaped wooden base to protect the glass reservoirs and furniture from being marred during usage. Every high gloss, reflective, D-Lite Candle is a unique piece of art, and comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist.

Chanukkit provides a novel twist to the traditional Chanukah menorah. Chanukkit(tm) is an innovative set of eight individual handmade menorahs, one for each night of Chanukah that is made entirely of wax. It is composed entirely of candles in different shades of red, features an original modular design and comes in an attractive triangular-shaped package. As it is made from a vegetable compound, there is very little leftover waste. Lighting a new Chanukkit menorah each night reflects the joy and spirit of renewal that is unique to Chanukah.

E-Menorah blends ancient tradition with a modern salute to the technological age. It is constructed of recycled circuit board with LED lights in place of traditional candles and comes in recycled packaging. It is battery-operated (9v battery included) so that it can be used anywhere. It also stores flat and sets up in seconds, making it ideal for home, office, dorm, or travel.

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