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The “Movies and Morality” series will be held every other Thursday, Feb. 17 – May 26 at 7 p.m. at the JCC of Greater New Haven, 360 Amity Road in Woodbridge. Tickets are $9 for an individual film and $60 for the series.
“The films are not necessarily blockbusters, but are outstanding on their own merits and pose very difficult moral questions,” says film historian Scott Feinberg.  Feinberg wil discuss each film before and after the screening, and will facilitate a post-screening panel discussion that will include people from all different segments of the greater New Haven community – rabbis, teachers, doctors, etc. In addition, he notes, “We’ll go to a remote connection to bring in somebody who played an integral role in making the movie. It’s a unique opportunity to bring Hollywood to New Haven and let people here pick the brains of Oscar-nominated or winning cast and crew.”
Here’s a brief look at the films that will be screened – with a comment on each from Feinberg. For dates and other information call (203) 387-2522 or visit www.jccnh.org

A Serious Man

■ “A Serious Man,” a 2009 Best Picture nominee, deals with Judaism more than many films.

■ “Captain Abu Raed,” the first movie from Jordan ever submitted for Oscar consideration, deals with how a community faces a moral dilemma.

■ “Jesus Camp,” a 2006 nominee for Best Documentary, looks at an evangelical Christian summer camp. The evangelical community thought it was great PR; others thought it portrayed child abuse and indoctrination. It’s a great example of a movie that people can look at in different ways.

■ “Nothing But the Truth,” a 2008 film based on the story of New York Times reporter Judith Miller, who goes to jail for protecting her source.

Gone Baby Gone

■ “Gone Baby Gone,” Ben Affleck’s 2007 directorial debut deals with a kidnapping.

■ “Standard Operating Procedure,” a 2008 documentary directed by New York Times blogger Erroll Morris, explores the power of images both to reveal and conceal. He looks at the Abu Ghraib photos and does an “autopsy;” What is the story behind the photos? Who’s really the bad guy?

■ “Doubt,” a 2008 Oscar nominee for several awards deals with alleged child-abuse. The question: when is it morally proper to get involved?

■ “12th and Delaware,” a 2010 documentary set on a street corner in Fort Pierce, Fla. On one side of the street is an abortion clinic; on the opposite side is a pro-life organization often mistaken for the abortion clinic.

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