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Buy Israeli Goods! BIG Wednesday, March 30

Wednesday, March 30 is the day that anti-Israel demonstrators around the country designated as the day not to purchase any product made in Israel. The boycott is part of that new campus institution called, Israeli Apartheid Week, which came to a close last week.
However, we can choose to participate in their boycott in a different way. In fact, that’s exactly what we’d like you to do: BUY ISRAELI PRODUCTS for Passover.
If you haven’t finished shopping for Passover yet, make sure you buy at least one extra thing made in Israel.  We don’t want you to neglect the other good providers of Jewish products for the holiday — but those one or two extra Israeli items could make a big difference.
If you’ve already shopped for the holiday, go back to the “Kosher for Passover” section at the Big Y, Trader Joe’s,  the Crown Market or Stop and Shop and buy that extra Israeli product. It’s one small but special way we can celebrate Israel in the right way.
And, don’t forget kosher wine. There’s always room for an extra bottle of Israeli wine in the house. Those Israeli wines get better and better every year and you can use them year round.
Even if you’re reading this on March 31st (or later!) and were left out of the Israeli goods boycott, you can make up for it before Passover.  Share the news! We hope that the things you buy in celebration of the anti-boycott, will make for an even more “zissen Pesach.”

For more information, check out Standwithus.com

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