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Paying tribute to Hava Dunn

I was surprised to read an article about the forty years of Solomon Schecter School (“At 40, West Hartford Day School Looks Back…and Moves Forward,” April 8, 2011) without one word about the person who made the school a wonderful learning environment with her vision, her creativity and her tremendous love of learning – Hava Dunn.  Hava made the school an exciting place for all of the children,  She taught them to love learning, to look forward to everyday they spent there.  She imbibed the school with an elan that made it what it was.  She was the school’s curriculum coordinator for over twenty years, and the person who laid the groundwork for the excellence of learning that the children acquired there.
It was a terrible oversight to omit any reference to her in the article.  I am sure there are hundreds of Schecter graduates who would attest to Hava’s tremendous influence on them, two of them are my own daughters who never had the same level of education in the West Hartford middle and high schools as they had at Schecter because of Hava.
Her good works and the memory of her remain with all of the students who benefited from her devotion to them.
May she be of blessed memory forever.
Emily J. Moskowitz
West Hartford

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