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A year of firsts

The "pioneer" class of the Jewish High School of Connecticut

A “siyyum” is a joyous celebration observed by Jews, as when a study group completes a section of the Talmud.  And so, it made perfect sense to bill the June 16 event at the Jewish High School of Connecticut (JHSC) in Bridgeport  a “Siyyum & Graduation: Completion of our First Year.” The celebration marked the completion of the co-ed high school’s first year and the graduation of its first graduate Anna Brosler.
“Tonight we celebrated our student halutzim (pioneers), their accomplishments and how they have all positively been affected by the unique mission and educational philosophy of JHSC,” says Rabbi Edward Harwitz, founding Head of School.
“The transformation I have seen in these students has been remarkable,” says Maureen Dewan, the school’s president. “Listening to how important science, math, social studies and English is to them and how they see Judaism’s role within each subject matter reinforces the mission and role of JHSC in our community.”

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