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Letter: Story will inspire others to give

I was so moved by your story of Matthew and me (“Saving Lives, One cheek-Swab at a Time,” June 24, 2011).  He is, indeed, a very special young man.  He probably does not even remember that he met my donor when he flew in from Chicago and held Matthew on his shoulders while we all walked in the Leukemia Light the Night walk but Matthew does remember that I wore a wig for awhile (!) and that he came into the hospital once to examine all the tubes and IV’s.  He was so young but already I could see how sensitive he was to my being ill.
I am so very fortunate to be here and to live a full life. Your article, especially at the end when you said I would dance with Matthew at his bar mitzvah really touched me and made me again realize how lucky I am that this unrelated, unknown (at the time) donor saved my life.
I know that your article will inspire people to come join us tomorrow and hopefully, someone will be THE match for a person who needs it.

Maxine Kates

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