Israeli Film Festival opens at Wesleyan

Intimate Grammar


Intimate Grammar

2010, English subtitles

Director: Nir Bergman

Based upon David Grossman’s acclaimed novel, Intimate Grammar depicts three years in the life of Aaron, a sensitive boy, who grows up in a militant generation that will not go through another Holocaust. During those years, during which Aaron refuses to grow, he embarks on a dangerous inner journey: to cross the boundary dividing childhood and adolescence.

Speaker: Laura Blum, a film critic will discuss “The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up.”



Je T’aime Terminal (I love You Terminal)

2010, English Subtitles

Director: Dani Menkin

Je T’aime Terminal  ( I Love You Terminal) is a romantic comedy about a young Israeli man on his way to join his American fiancée. During a 24-hour connection delay, he meets an eccentric and charming girl with whom he contemplates love, relationships and life. Speaker: Dani Menkin, the film’s director.

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