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Letter: Regarding Lee Whitnum — we must not be silent

She claims she is not anti-Semitic, yet she sued the town of Greenwich in an attempt to stop a celebration of the anniversary of the founding of Israel – and for holding a bar mitzvah at the Town Hall.
She is quoted as having said she feels “emotionally distressed” at the sight of the Star of David when she drives past Town Hall. She continued to say the town “submitted her to an unwanted religious environment and unwanted religious symbols — the Star of David — and an unwanted religious service – the bar mitzvah.
Sounds disgustingly antisemitic to me. These are the vitriolic words of U.S. Senate candidate Lee Whitnum. That she should even be running for public office is a disgrace.
In 2008, then mayor and now Governor Dannel Malloy spoke up, rightfully, criticizing Whitnum for antisemitic and anti-Israel remarks she was making at the time. She subsequently sued Malloy, who successfully sought a civil blocking of her complaints. I applaud the Governor for continuing to stand
up to Whitnum.
I personally will be making a donation to the campaign of Congressman Chris Murphy to help ensure that Whitnum loses by even a greater margin than she did when she ran against Rep. Jim Hines in 2008. I urge all who are as offended by this woman as I am, to do the same.
Writing her off as crazy is not enough. We must not “turn the other cheek.” Remember that the Holocaust began with one crazy man.

Barbara C. Gordon
West Hartford

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