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3 Million and counting

PJ library 3 million: Jordana Goldstein of New Jersey receiving the 3 millionth PJ Library book from Harold Grinspoon, left, and Marcie Greenfield Simons.

PJ Library handed out its three-millionth book last month…and PJ Library founder Harold Grinspoon and PJ Library director Marcie Greenfield Simons did the honors as they hand-delivered “Noah’s Swim-a-Thon” by Ann D. Koffsky to PJ reader Jordanna Goldstein, 6, her parents Cindy and Neil Goldstein, and her brother Ryan, 8 in New Jersey.
“We are thrilled to be delivering the three-millionth PJ Library book,” Grinspoon said “It’s thanks to fabulous communities like MetroWest New Jersey who partner with us that we’ve come as far as we have. We look forward to delivering the four- millionth book and five-millionth book and beyond —knowing that all across North America, parents and children are snuggling around PJ Library books and having special conversations in which parents are transmitting our heritage to the next generation.”


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