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Fighting elder abuse in Fairfield County

Laura Snow, J.P. Lewis, Jake Luders, State Rep. Tony Hwang, Kristen Cusato and State Senator Kevin Kelly.

Laura Snow, director of the Center for Elder Abuse Prevention of The Jewish Home of Fairfield County; student videographer J.P. Lewis; Westhill student video editor Jake Luders; State Rep. Tony Hwang; Kristen Cusato of the Alzheimer Association; and State Senator Kevin Kelly were on hand on June 14 for the premiere of Lewis’ and Luders’ video “Imagine a World without Elder Abuse: We All Play a Role” at The Westport Center for Senior Activities. Held in support of National Elder Abuse Prevention Day, the event was hosted by the Coalition for Abuse Prevention of the Elderly. Produced by the Home’s Center for Elder Abuse Prevention, the video aims to inform the public on ways to prevent elderly loved ones from becoming victims and how to act quickly if a troubling situation arises.

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