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LETTER: Remembering Arthur Richman

As most of your readers know, as the son of Bert Gaster, I was involved with the Ledger in many capacities during more than three decades. My most notable role was achieved when I followed in my father’s footsteps reporting in the role of Jews in sports. Despite the limited reach of the Ledger, I was treated with respect and kindness as a member of the sports press.
Throughout all those years, Arthur Richman stood out as my mentor and great friend. He served as a press relations executive with the Mets for 25 years and then as assistant to George Steinbrenner of the Yankees for another 25. He was knowlegeable about the game and the players and seemed to know just about everyone in baseball. He was generous to an extreme. He was a mensch that baseball will probably never see the likes of again.
Arthur died in 2009. But, not to be forgotten, he was inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in a ceremony at Commack, L.I. in April of this year.
As an invited personal friend of Arthur’s, I had the honor of being seated with his wife Martha and many baseball legends, who came to honor the man they all loved.
It was from my work for the Ledger that I and my father gained a great friend that
I will surely miss.

Jeff Gaster
New York City

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