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Worldwide Sukkah Directory now online

A world-wide registry of sukkahs has been set up, and is listed online at
The directory helps Jews locate a nearby sukkah in which they can eat. The idea of this service is not to list every sukkah, but to include a sukkah in every area in which Jewish people may find themselves during the holiday. The goal of the service is to enable people who work during chol hamoed – the holiday’s intermediary days — to eat lunch in a sukkah close to their place of work.
The list of sukkahs began in 1994, as a local service to the Jewish community in Melbourne, Australia. Last year there were 434 sukkahs listed, located in 26 countries. These sukkahs were mainly located in shuls, schools, and businesses. The list also included some sukkahs located in shopping centers, universities, and amusement parks.
The list publicizes all sukkahs regardless of the affiliation of their owners, and all Jews are welcome at any of these sukkahs. There is no charge for this service.
The apps have been updated this year; the Android one is now available and the app for Apple devices will be available very soon.
To register a sukkah, send details to

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