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Dennis Prager is off base
I wish somehow that I could contact Dennis Prager (“A Jew Tours for Romney,” Ledger, Nov. 2, 2012). How dare he vilify Leftist Jews with Judaism as merely an ethnic identity?
I am a moderate to liberal Democrat and a Jew. I am as devoted to Israel as he is and maybe more. As for my Judaism, I am an active member in my shul, Beth El Temple in West Hartford. I am a past president of our Hadassah chapter. I have taught for nearly 30 years in our synagogue and others. What else do you want a Jew to do?
As the election neared, I had many questions to ask myself. But as much as I care about Israel, I am an American, with American children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. What do you say about me, Dennis Prager?

Shirley Wachtel

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