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By the Numbers: Happiness is…living in Israel

( As Israel celebrated its 65th birthday, a new poll conducted by New Wave Research and commissioned by Israel Hayom, shows that Israelis – especially the younger generation — are overwhelmingly proud of their country and view it as a good place to live, according to a new poll ahead of Israel Independence Day shows. Responses among high-income earners and those with average salaries were virtually identical when it comes to level of pride; and responses did not deviate by any significant amount based on geography.

74.6% of Israeli Jews are “very proud” to be Israeli (up 5% from a similar poll last year)

6.2% are not proud to be Israeli (up from 5.1% last year)

92 percent of respondents said they were very proud or somewhat proud to be Israeli.

90.5% of those between 18 to 24 say they are “very proud” to be Israeli

74+% think Israel is a good place to live

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