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Western Wall egalitarian prayer section proposed

( At the Western Wall, a new plan has emerged for the creation of an egalitarian prayer section, Jews in a bid to end the decades-old dispute between Orthodox Jews and those seeking egalitarian practices there, mainly Conservative and Reform Jews from the United States. In recent months, the dispute reached new heights when members of a Jewish group called “Women of the Wall” were arrested for praying with religious garments only traditionally worn by men under Orthodox practices. Natan Sharansky, chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, was tasked by Prime Minister Netanyahu to find a solution to the issue. Under Sharansky’s proposal, a new area will be created at Robinson’s Arch, which is currently an archeological site south of the Western Wall Plaza. This new area would allow egalitarian prayer as well as be expanded and connected to the existing Orthodox-supervised men and women’s prayer sites.

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