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Israeli trauma team heads to Watertown


( The Boston suburb of Watertown, the site of the massive shootout and manhunt by police with the Boston Marathon bombers, will be visited by a team from the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) that will attempt to assist residents in their recovery process, the Times of Israel reported. The visit is being arranged and paid for by Boston’s Jewish community. “Our partners in Israel, who are all too familiar with the fear and anxiety of the aftermath of terrorist attacks, reached out to us with support, making the collaboration with the ITC possible,” said Barry Shrage, president of Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthropies. The ITC, which specializes in post-trauma resilience, will run sessions with local officials in Watertown on how to deal with the various issues that may arise, such as questions from children or how to create safe environments in schools and other community institutions. After the events in Watertown, Shrage said, “It made me think of what the kids in Sderot go through all the time.”

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