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Israel is first to receive advanced fighter jets

( Israel remains on track to become the first country to receive the new highly advanced stealth F-35 fighter jets manufactured by Lockheed Martin. At the recent Paris Air Show, Steve O’Bryan of Lockheed Martin said the state-of-the-art fighter jets would be delivered to Israel by the end of 2016, Israel Hayom reported. O’Bryan also said that Lockheed Martin was looking into the feasibility of adding detachable fuselages manufactured by the Israeli company Cyclone, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems. Touted as one of the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world, the F-35’s production has been slowed by cost overruns and manufacturing delays. Israel ordered 20 F-35s in 2010 at the cost of $2.75 billion. The jet will eventually replace Israel’s F-16I and F-15 fighter jets.

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