BY THE NUMBERS – Who cares about Israel most? Jewish Journalists

American Jewish journalists who work for specifically Jewish media outlets are by and large more pro-Israel than are their readers in the larger U.S. Jewish community, according to a survey released last week.

The “Reporting Jewish: Do Journalists Have the Tools to Succeed?” survey, conducted by the iEngage Project of the Shalom Hartman Institute, found that many Jewish journalists have deep connections to Judaism and Israel, and it is precisely these connections that sometimes bring about tension in their relationships with their communities. Respondents were also less likely than mainstream U.S. journalists to view themselves as “detached observers” who keep themselves apart from their community.

The survey’s key findings:


— Nearly 90% say they believe that caring about Israel is an important part of their Jewish identity, while only two-thirds of American Jews say this.

— 64% of respondents have visited Israel three or more times – the same percentage of American Jews have never been to Israel.

— 75% of respondents say their community leaders are hard-working and conscientious;

— 21% say they should be adversaries of their community leadership.



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