The Horror in Syria

Despite the world’s revulsion, the use of chemical weapons against civilian populations in Syria is likely to continue. Syria’s President Assad, who is unperturbed by the West’s verbal condemnation and the subdued murmurs of protest coming out of the UN, will suffer no real consequences for these barbarous acts. He knows that he can continue to do what he does with impunity.syria2

No doubt Israel is watching. A tyrant capable of bringing such complete and utter destruction to his own people is certainly capable of no less with his neighbors.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, made the following remarks about recent events in Syria:

“The reported use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians is terribly disturbing. If verified, it will be a horrible addition to the roster of tragic crimes committed by the Syrian regime against the people of Syria.

It is absurd that the UN investigators, who are right now in Damascus to verify use of chemical weapons, are prevented from reaching the afflicted areas by the Syrian regime.

Syria has become Iran’s testing ground, and Iran is closely watching whether and how the world responds to the atrocities committed by Iran’s client state Syria and by Iran’s proxy Hezbollah against innocent civilians in Syria.

These events prove yet again that we simply cannot allow the world’s most dangerous regimes to acquire the world’s most dangerous weapons.”

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