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StandWithUs fights back out west

standwithus( A billboard initiated by the pro-Israel education group StandWithUs went up Sept. 10 on the Washington-Idaho state line and will be posted for one month, countering an advertisement that calls for an end to U.S. aid to Israel that was erected by Spokane Veterans for Peace (SVP) The billboard says: “America & Israel. Shared Values—Defending Freedom.” “The U.S.-Israel military agreement is for $3 billion per year, with 75% earmarked for defense contracts with American manufacturers, creating hundreds of thousands of American jobs across 47 states,” Rothstein said in a statement.

SVP’s ad also “ignores the fact that many countries receive U.S. aid, not just Israel,” according to Rothstein, who noted the $87 billion in aid that has gone to Jordan and Egypt since 1946 as well as “$250 billion a year for American soldiers to protect allies around the world such as Germany, Japan and South Korea.

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