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British conference tries to force Israeli scholars to hide affiliation

( Two scholars from Samaria-based Ariel University withdrew from an academic conference in London last month after organizers told them they would not be permitted to reveal their institutional affiliation, the Israeli school revealed on Oct. 2.

The scholars – who were not named by Ariel University – submitted papers to the Conference on Israel Studies, hosted by the European Association of Israel Studies (EAIS). Organizers said the academics could participate in the conference as independent scholars, but would not be allowed to represent their university by its name because of its location in the “occupied territories.” Ariel University said, “The event described is an extreme manifestation of hypocrisy and absurdity. While the conference organizers are interested in research and researchers of Ariel University, they are trying to ignore the existence of the institution where these studies have emerged.”

Founded in 1982 and accredited by Israel in 2012, Ariel University has been a frequent target of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel due to its location beyond the 1967 lines.

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