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Netanyahu criticizes UN for allowing Hamas rockets at schools

( Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the United Nations for allowing its schools and facilities to be used as storage and launch sites for Hamas terrorist rockets during this summer’s war in Gaza, raising the issue in a meeting with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday. “When they found rockets in U.N. schools, U.N. officials returned them to Hamas, the same Hamas that fired the same rockets on Israeli cities and Israeli citizens… the real reason for the rocket fire from Hamas is their refusal to recognize Israel’s existence. Hamas doesn’t care about 1967 lines. For them, Israel doesn’t have a right to exist, under any borders… just read their manifest because it is written clearly there,” Netanyahu told Ban. “Israel left every centimeter of Gaza, every inch. We pulled out the settlements and cleared out the residents, so there is no occupation in Gaza. The main reason for the violence over the summer was Hamas rockets on Israeli cities. The rocket attacks broke the neutrality of the U.N. when they used their spaces and their schools,” he added.

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