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Syrian news agency launches Hebrew-language website

( The Syrian government’s official news agency, SANA, has launched two news pages on its website in order to “convey the truth about what is taking place in Syria” to readers in Israel and Iran. SANA officially launched versions of its website in Hebrew and Persian, joining the existing pages in Arabic, English, French, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, and Spanish. The editor and translator of the Hebrew page, Khalid al-Hamad, said that it is necessary to address Israel “in its own language, which can far better serve the Resistance and its project against the occupation,” Haaretz reported.

Al-Hamad added that the new website would help expose the role Israel has been playing in Syria’s civil war. The Syrian government has long blamed outside entities for instigating the rebellion, including Israel’s Mossad and America’s CIA. Israel has tried to avoid getting involved in the Syrian civil war and has only launched limited strikes when its interests are directly affected, such as responding to stray artillery fire in the Golan Heights or striking weapons convoys destined for the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah.

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