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Announcing Clink! – a new tzedakah app for teens

NEW YORK, N.Y. – The Jewish Communal Fund (JCF) has announced the debut of Clink!: Making Change by Giving, an interactive app designed to help young adults determine which issue areas are most important to them when it comes to making a charitable contribution and volunteering their time. According to JCF, Clink! is the perfect app to download at Chanukah, as part of an effort to encourage teens and tweens to focus one night out of eight on giving back to those in need. The app may be downloaded for free on iTunes.

Clink! presents teens with 27 topics ranging from poverty, hunger and bullying to Jewish education, women’s rights and substance abuse. Users swipe the screen of their device until they are left with the top three categories of need that resonate most with them. Teens then shuffle a range of activities (such as organizing a food drive for a local food bank or participating in a walkathon to raise funds for juvenile diabetes) in each of their three target areas to reflect their own personalized giving style. Lastly, young donors learn how closely they are aligned with the “Giving Ladder” – the eight levels of charitable giving recommended by the 12th Century sage Maimonides.

Clink! was produced by JCF in partnership with G-dcast, a new media production company dedicated to raising basic Jewish literacy.

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