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Say “Yes” to Diplomacy with Iran

Two weeks ago, I joined 430 people from 43 states in lobbying with the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) in support of U.S. diplomacy with Iran. I’m pleased that, in extending the negotiations with Iran, U.S. diplomats confirmed that real and substantial progress is being made.

Already, some 190 members of Congress have made statements in favor of the ongoing diplomacy with Iran.

We understand that all parts of this negotiation will be very difficult to assure the world that nuclear enrichment is reaching a safer level but this seems to be the only path that leads to a safer world.

What FCNL feels cannot happen is that other groups undermine the talks with more sanctions that would hinder the work to continue and may, at best, lead to more of what we’ve had, or worse, a new war. The 430 people who came to Washington to lobby on this issue for FCNL are not looking for anything more than a safer world. We came for ourselves, the Iranian people who have no way to converse with their government and the world community. We came to show our respect to our political system, which seems to be really damaged now, and we came for our representatives, to hear the concerns of their constituents.

I am requesting that Senator Blumenthal and Representative Esty speak out in favor of diplomacy with Iran.

The future does hold hope in the world. Let us reach for it.

Steve Whinfield

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