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French announce $107 million plan to combat antisemitism, racism

( French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced an ambitious government plan to spend 100 million euros ($107 million) on a program to combat rising antisemitism and other forms of racism in France. The 40-point program includes increased penalties for crimes deemed to have been fueled by antisemitism and racism, as well as increasing awareness and efforts against prejudice. “Racism, antisemitism, hatred of Muslims, of foreigners, [and] homophobia are increasing in an unbearable manner,” Valls said in the Paris suburb of Créteil, which was the scene of a brutal attack on a Jewish man and his girlfriend last December, AFP reported. That attack was followed by the January 2015 attack by Muslim terrorist Amedy Coulibaly on a Paris kosher supermarket that left four Jews dead, during the same week as the Islamist shooting that killed 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine’s offices.

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