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Israelis mourn victim of car-ramming attack

( Thousands of Israelis accompanied Shalom Yohai Sherki, who was killed by an Arab driver in Jerusalem in a suspected vehicular terrorist attack, to his final resting place on April 16. Sherki, 26, attended a yeshiva in the southern town of Yeruham and served in the Israeli Navy. His father, Rabbi Uri Sherki, said in a eulogy, Shira Klein, 20, from Yakir, who was injured in the same incident, remains hospitalized in Jerusalem. Evidence shows that Khaled Koutineh, 37, was driving toward the French Hill neighborhood when he suddenly swerved into a bus station. He hit Sherki and Klein, who were sitting at the station, with great force and then reversed and hit a traffic light pole.

Yair Sherki, Shalom’s brother, said, “I saw the photos from the attack. I have no doubt that this was not an accident.” Koutineh denied that he intentionally attacked the two victims.

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