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Ledger “Jerusalem” editorial is unfeeling

Because we all understand the consequences of remaining silent in the face of wrongdoing and wrong conclusions, I must speak out in support of Alan Stein’s letter (June 19, 2015) regarding the Ledger’s editorial about the division of Jerusalem (“The Meaning of the Supreme Court ‘Jerusalem Passport’ Ruling,” Ledger, June 12, 2015).

It was not that the editorial was written crudely or without the knowledge of history; what struck me was the bloodless tone it took at the end. No angst? No pathos? No tears? No regret? Just triumphant pragmatism?

Whether sovereignty over Jerusalem must or must not be wrenched from Jewish history, the Jewish Ledger owes its readers a better, more nuanced and empathetic approach.

Shame on the editorial writer, whoever she or he is. If there were another publication that served the Jewish community, I would cancel my subscription in a heartbeat. For me, it would be the practical thing to do.

Florence Stahl

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