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Spanish broadcaster accuses Jews of promoting Satanism           

(JTA) – A Spanish public broadcaster accused Jews of promoting Satanism. State-owned RTVE aired “From the Inferno-The Jewish People: Propagator of the Satan Cult” last month as part of its weekend “A la Carta” program. Following an opening featuring ominous music, a gravel-voiced announcer quotes from Jacob Frank, an 18th-century Jew from Poland who had been excommunicated by his community for his heretical kabbalistic interpretations. “The Jews first propagated the cult of Lucifer in several secret satanical societies,” the announcer continues. “Through black magic, the Israelites called on the powers of darkness with demonic rationale.” The synopsis on RTVE’s website for the 30-minute program states: “The Jewish founders of the occult and masonry society introduced the cult of Lucifer” to some organizations. The broadcast about Jewish Satanism – an ancient trope and element of Christian antisemitic blood libels – is part of a series on Satanism in general. On August 20, “A La Carta” aired another broadcast about Satanism by Vatican societies.

Yigal Palmor, a senior spokesman for the Jewish Agency and former spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, criticized RTVE on Twitter. “How can a public entity give a podium to this sort of crude, lowly and disgusting racism?”

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