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Hadar Markus and Netanel Herzberg of Israel were married on July 2, in a beautiful twilight ceremony held under the setting sun at Kibbutz Ein Tzurim in southern Israel.

Hadar, who grew up in Manchester and West Hartford, before making aliyah, is the daughter of Anat and Eitan Markus of West Hartford. She is the granddaughter of Leopold Treibitz z”l  and Dr. Beata Sawicka, and Dr. Elliot Markus z”l and Roberta Markus.

She completed her Bachelors degree in psychology and communications at Ben Gurion University in Be’ersheva.

Netanel is the son of Gila and Ze’ev Herzberg of Israel. He is the grandson of Bina and David Adler, and Gizela Herzberg z”l  and Chaim Herzberg z”l.

Netanels recently completed his service in the Israel Defense Forces, where he served as a lieutenant in the paratroopers unit.  He is awaiting placement by the Israeli government in a foreign consulate or embassy.

The wedding was officiated by Rabbi Eitan Maazari of Israel. Previously, Rabbi Maazari lived in West Hartford for several years where he taught at the Hebrew High School of New England and the Bess & Paul Sigel Hebrew Academy in Bloomfield. His wife, Shifra, also taught at the Hebrew Academy, where his children were students.

CAP: Hadar and Netanel Herzberg.

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