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Israeli father and son killed by Palestinian terrorists

Rabbi Ya’akov Litman, 40, and his son Netanel, 18, were shot to death by Palestinian terrorists near Hebron on Friday, Nov 13. Five other family members – Litman’s wife, three daughters aged 5, 9, and 11, and a 16-year-old son – suffered minor wounds. The family was driving to a Shabbat pre-celebration of a fourth daughter’s wedding when the gunmen opened fire on their vehicle. All five were lightly wounded by shrapnel and the resulting crash, but were not shot. Ya’akov Litman was shot first; his son was shot while calling for help. Speaking at the funeral, President Reuven Rivlin praised Rabbi Yaakov Litman for his work as a teacher, and Netanel’s work as an MDA volunteer. He also drew comparisons to the terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris on Friday. “In Paris, Hebron, Jerusalem and New York, we must fight a bitter and persistent war against those who murder innocent people in cold blood.”

Hamas praised the killers as “heroic,” although did not claim responsibility for the attack. Meanwhile, Palestinian sources in Gaza said passersby handed out candy in the streets to celebrate the murders.

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