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JCamp180 raises $90 million for Jewish camps

( The Harold Grinspoon Foundation’s JCamp180 initiative raised $90 million to support Jewish camps across the United States. Recently, JCamp180 held its 11th annual conference, drawing 450 leaders from non-profit Jewish camps and other organizations. The conference honored individuals and camps for their role in managing daily camp operations and for their collective efforts in raising $90 million through JCamp180’s matching grant program. “JCamp180 has played a major role in transforming camps into more professional and sophisticated organizations,” JCamp180 Director Mark Gold said. “This program has helped these non-profit Jewish camps raise more money in the last 10 years than they had in the previous four decades, thereby enabling them to better compete with other non-profit and for-profit camps.” Founded in 2004 by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation as the Grinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropy, and later renamed JCamp180, the initiative matches funds that are raised by the camps themselves and also provides camps with consulting services from mentors, who focus on areas including fundraising, governance, strategic planning, and technology.  According to JCamp180, over the past 10 years, the organization has contributed more than $15 million in matching grant funds and $13 million in consulting services, helping to boost Jewish camp attendance from 43,000 in 2004 to 73,000 campers nationwide today.

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