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Trump sought support from Israel-backers Adelson, Singer

(JTA) – Donald Trump solicited financial backing from two major Republican donors known for their support of Israel, according to a report. Trump, who is among the front-runners in the Republican presidential primaries, has reached out over the past year to Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer for their backing, Politico reported Thursday, Nov. 5. The billionaire reality star recently mocked Sen. Marco Rubio, a rival candidate, for accepting support from Singer and reportedly soliciting Adelson’s backing. Adelson has been a major giver to Republican candidates. Trump has said candidates who allow political action committees to take money from billionaire donors like Adelson and Singer are “puppets.” Adelson is a casino magnate and Singer manages a hedge fund. Both are known for backing pro-Israel groups. According to Politico, Trump in his outreach to Singer and Adelson touted his pro-Israel bona fides, including an ad he recorded for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the 2013 Israel elections. Trump’s campaign did not respond to Politico’s request for comment.

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