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Weizmann Institute scientist visits Westport

The American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science’s New York Tri-State region hosted an intimate gathering at the Westport home of Elayne and Matthew Landau on Sept. 30. More than 40 guests listened to world-renowned Weizmann scientist Dr. Jacob (Yaqub) Hanna discuss his cutting-edge stem cell research, which could one day lead to the lifesaving ability to grow organs on demand as well as new treatments for cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and brain disorders.

CAP: (l to r) Event host and Executive Committee member Matthew Landau; American Committee for the Weizmann Institute CEO Marshall S. Levin; CT co-chair Debra Levin; Dr. Jacob Hanna; event host Elayne Landau; CT co-chair Diana Sussman; and Executive Committee member Daniel L. Sussman.

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