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Hillary Clinton email reveals plan to incite Palestinian resistance

( Former secretary of state and current Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton was advised in 2011 to force Israel to resume peace negotiations by secretly fomenting a Palestinian uprising, according to a newly revealed email. The plan was uncovered as part of an investigation into Clinton’s private emails while she served as secretary of state. In an email on Dec. 18, 2011, former U.S. ambassador to Israel Thomas Pickering, who was serving as an adviser to Clinton, suggested that the U.S. covertly generate Palestinian unrest in an effort to push Jerusalem to jump-start stalled peace talks. “What will change the situation is a major effort to use nonviolent protests and demonstrations to put peace back in the center of people’s aspirations as well as their thoughts, and use that to influence the political leadership,” Pickering wrote. Clinton requested that Pickering’s email be printed, but it is not clear how she reacted, if at all, to his idea.


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