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U.S., Russia announce Feb. 27 as date for Syrian cease-fire

( The United States and Russia have announced that a planned cease-fire in Syria will come into effect by midnight on Feb. 27, in the latest effort by world powers to end the bloody five-year-old Syrian civil war.  According to the White House, President Barack Obama had called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to discuss the cease-fire. In a statement released after the call, the White House said the cease-fire will apply to “those parties to the Syrian conflict that have indicated their commitment to and acceptance of its terms.” Aside from Russian forces fighting in the country, this will also likely include the Syrian government as well as opposition groups.

But the cease-fire will not apply to two of Syria’s most lethal terror organizations, the Islamic State and the Nusra Front, raising questions on the effectiveness of the ceasefire. expressed pessimism over the cease-fire attempt. “It’s difficult to see the reality of a stable cease-fire, with all of the elements [in Syria] agreeing to it,” Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said, Haaretz reported. “ISIS is not a part of this process, the Nusra Front is not a part of this process. I can’t see a comprehensive cease-fire in the horizon,” he added.

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