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Kevin Costner dismisses BDS champion Roger Waters

(JTA) — At the Israel premiere of a film in which he stars, Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Costner said he does not care whether anti-Israel activists, including Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters, disapprove of his visit to the Jewish state. “I don’t ask anyone’s permission to travel,” Costner said April 5 at a news conference at a multiplex near Herzliya, adding, “I’ve received lots of love here. I wouldn’t have missed that.” Costner was in Israel for a screening of the upcoming action film “Criminal,” in which he stars alongside Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman and Israeli actress Gal Gadot. But he told reporters at the cinema that he came to support the film’s Israeli director, Ariel Vromen. “This is his country, his parents are here, and I’m very proud of him. He’s a young man who is truly doing well,” Costner said. Speaking of Gadot, Costner said she was “lovely” to work with and “a wonderful partner.” “Criminal” tells the story of Jericho Stewart (Costner), a death-row inmate working to complete a deceased CIA agent’s last mission to save many lives. In addition to having an Israeli director and a co-star, the film has an Israeli producer, Avi Lerner. Costner, 61, said he had visited Israel once before, approximately four decades ago.

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