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Israel announces arrest of third Palestinian involved in Tel Aviv terror attack

( Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israeli authorities have arrested a third Palestinian involved in Wednesday’s deadly shooting terror attack at the Sarona market in Tel Aviv.

“We have conducted raids in Yatta (the hometown of the two Palestinian terrorists who carried out the shooting) and have caught the third Palestinian, who was an accomplice in the attack. We have restricted work permits for members of their family, and created a buffer zone around Tel Aviv,” Netanyahu said Thursday during a visit to the Sarona complex’s Max Brenner restaurant, where the terrorists are said to have dined before carrying out the attack.

“In this place, four innocent Israelis were murdered, and we honor their deaths,” Netanyahu added. “This nation is strong and they will not stop us. I know personally the pain their families feel. We stand with them, and wish the injured a speedy recovery.”

Netanyahu made his comments around the same time that reports emerged about how an off-duty Israeli police officer had accidentally invited one of the terrorists into his home after the attack, thinking that the man was a witness to the attack who was in shock and not realizing he was actually one of the shooters. The terrorist was left alone in the house with the police officer’s wife and in-laws, who were unharmed. He was eventually apprehended.

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