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Antisemitic fliers put on cars at San Francisco train stops

(JTA) – Antisemitic fliers were placed on car windshields in parking lots located at Bay Area Rapid Transit stations. The fliers were discovered on Tuesday evening, Sept. 27, the NBC Bay Area affiliate reported. The fliers called the Jewish community “serpents” and called for separating Jews from children, NBC reported. They are believed to have been printed and distributed by a local man who runs an antisemitic blog that targets members of the Jewish community in Lafayette, near San Francisco. A BART spokesperson told NBC Bay Area that leafleting is permitted under free speech statutes. The Lafayette Police Department said that it is looking into the case.

This followed a Sunday morning incident in which fliers calling to “Take America back from the Jews” were dropped in a Jacksonville, Florida, neighborhood that is home to Jewish residents and several Jewish institutions. The leaflets, which also claimed that the Jews are “plotting the minds of our government” and it was up to the recipients to not “let them destroy what your European ancestors built,” were discovered Sunday morning, Sept. 25 in the driveway of the Jewish Community Alliance, two Jacksonville synagogues and the driveways of area homes, the Florida Times-Union reported. They were signed by the Detroit-based neo-Nazi group National Socialist Movement. It is the second time in about a year that fliers claiming to come from the group have been distributed in the area.

The Sheriff’s Office investigated the leaflet drop but said no crime was committed, since distributing such fliers is an exercise in free speech. “While the distribution of these fliers may be legal under the First Amendment, they have left many in the community fearful, and not just the Jewish residents,” ADL Florida Regional director Hava Holzhauer said.

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