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Crown Market for the holidays

With the approach of the holiday season, we are all preparing, both physically and spiritually. A big part of the holidays are our festive meals. We invite relatives and friends to our table and make an effort to celebrate together.

I suggest and urge that all of us try to support the local Jewish businesses with all of our shopping needs, in particular, Crown Market, which has undergone many changes, both in the physical structure, and above all, in raising the standards of kashrut.

I am amazed to see that a group of 50 generous community members have invested so much of their resources and time, and are ready to make Crown welcoming to every part of the community. They try to accommodate and provide for all our kosher needs, especially in this holiday season.

Please make the effort to shop at Crown whenever possible, and support the unbelievable efforts of our community members.

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy New Year,

Rabbi Joseph Gopin
Chabad House of Greater Hartford
West Hartford

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