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Teen Leadership at JHSC

By David Giver

The Jewish High School of Connecticut (JHSC) is making a name for itself as a home to many young women leaders. Through the skills they develop now, these young women will go on to become the future leaders this world so desperately needs, both within the Jewish community and in the broader world.

While many members of the student body at the Jewish High School of Connecticut are involved in Jewish organizations outside of school, three students have stepped up and taken on leadership roles in their respective organizations. All three of these student leaders, like many of the great Jewish leaders in our history, are women.

Gabriella Lieberman (NCSY), Julia Arnowitz (BBYO), and Natalie Shclover (Friendship Circle), all juniors at JHSC, are active leaders within their organizations.

Gabriella Lieberman serves on the board of Stamford NCSY where she is responsible for helping recruit new members, coordinate programming for the group, attending many local and regional events, and most importantly, being a “face” of the organization both at home and within the region.

Julia Arnowitz is a member of her BBYO chapter board, serving in the role of sh’licha, a role that makes her responsible for the Judaic programming for her chapter. She is also responsible for attendance at regional and chapter events, for recruiting new members, and for being a positive role model and “face” of the chapter and organization.

Natalie Shclover was a member of the Friendship Circle Leadership Board for 2015-2016 where she led by example attending many of the organization’s events and showing other members what can happen with some extra time and effort. She also worked to recruit other teens into the organization and was one of its many public faces, positively representing Friendship Circle in the community.

CAP: From left to right, JHSC students Natalie Shclover, Gabriella Lieberman and Julia Arnowitz.

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