Gloria Bein to receive Chaya Olam/Woman of Valor award

WEST HARTFORD – Gloria Bein of West Hartford has been named the 2017 recipient of the Chaya Olam/Woman of Valor award presented by The Emanuel Synagogue Sisterhood. She will receive the award at the Sisterhood Torah Fund Dinner on Thursday, May 25.

The award honors outstanding Sisterhood women who have shown a commitment to ongoing study and a Conservative Jewish lifestyle. Service to the synagogue, Sisterhood and community and attendance at synagogue are also criteria for the award.

“Gloria Bein has been a role model for many, many years in our congregation,” said Reesa Olins, Emanuel Synagogue Sisterhood co-president. “Leading by example, Gloria has been a valued and reliable volunteer at The Emanuel for decades and continues to chant Haftarot and deliver divrei Torah on Shabbat mornings. She has distinguished herself by actively participating in Sisterhood activities. We are thrilled to be honoring a woman so deserving of this award.”

For more information on the Torah Fund Dinner, call Faith Helene at (860) 232-9950 or feoh129@sbcglobal.net.

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