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Gayle Temkin elected president of Mandell JCC

At its Annual Meeting on Wednesday, May 24, the Mandell JCC honored outgoing Board President Richard B. Fechtor, welcomed incoming President Gayle W. Temkin and recognized JCC professionals for their years of service. Jeffrey Hoffman, outgoing Chairman of the Board, was thanked for his many accomplishments as well as his generous financial gifts to the JCC. The meeting was chaired by Annie Tilden, outgoing teen representative to the Board.

“What the Center gave to me was immediate, enjoyable, beneficial, rewarding and certain,” Fechtor, who served as JCC president for two years, told those gathered. “I cannot think of a better successor than Gayle Temkin.”

Mandell JCC Director of Safety and Security Jim Schwab with West Hartford Police.

In addition to Board elections, the JCC also honored at the annual meeting community partners that supported the Center when it faced threats earlier this year. The Hebrew Center for Health and Rehabilitiation, Hebrew Health Care, Jewish Familiy Services, West Hartford Police, FBI Hate Crimes Division, FBI Domestic Terrorism Division and St. Timothy’s Church were presented with gifts of appreciation.

“We learned that we are cared for, supported, and are a part of a thoughtful, committed community,” the JCC’s Chief Operating Officer Annie Keith said.

In the incoming president’s address, Temkin committed to helping the JCC serve future generations by prioritizing strategic planning, fund development and creating leadership opportunities.

“The JCC is a true success story, but our resources are not limitless. Being strategic creates an environment in which we can use our resources to constantly improve, be creative, and futher guarantee our successful future,” she said.

New Board members elected at the meeting included Jeffrey Bellitti, Heather Cullen, Ashley Dorin, Sally Henowitz, Matthew Hoffman, Dennis House, David Weiner and teen board member Will Schoen.

Also recognized were employees marking special anniversaries in 2017, including 30-year employees Lia Wald, member services director, and Ron Dionne, facilities director.

CAP: The Mandell JCC’s incoming President Gayle W. Temkin

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