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Guns N’ Roses rocks Tel Aviv in high-energy performance

( The American rock band Guns N’ Roses concluded its European reunion tour with a sold-out performance Saturday night in Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park, attended by some 62,000 fans. The concert was the largest performance of the summer at the Tel Aviv venue and one of the largest-ever concerts in Israel. The band, headed by lead singer Axl Rose, 55, was widely praised for delivering a quality and high-energy performance that lasted more than three hours without breaks. “There sure are a lot of you here,” Rose said as the show began. The show took place amid heightened security following Friday’s terror attack near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, in which three Arab terrorists killed two Israeli Druze police officers. The band members had been scheduled to tour Jerusalem Friday, but the plans were cancelled following the attack, Israeli media reported. The band’s European reunion tour, “Not in This Lifetime,” has grossed more than $230 million. Guns N’ Roses is set to continue the tour in the U.S. later in July. Guns N’ Roses is the latest big-name musical act to perform in Israel this summer. Other major performances have included Aerosmith, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears.

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