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Prof. Andrew Pessin talks philosophy and religion in Manchester

Andrew Pessin, professor of philosophy at Connecticut College, will be the speaker at Beth Sholom B’nai Israel (BSBI) annual winter lecture series. The three-part program, titled “Wisdom in the Winter,” will be held on three consecutive Mondays at 7:30 pm at the synagogue located at 400 Middle Turnpike East, Manchester.

Lecture topics:

Jan. 22: Puzzles and Paradoxes, Reason and Faith

Jan. 29: Maimonides: Religious Philosopher or Philosopher of Religion?

Feb. 5: The Idea(s) of Zionism

Pessin is also campus bureau editor of The Algemeiner (a news source focusing on Jews and Israel). His books include The Sixty-Second Philosopher, Uncommon Sense: The Strangest Ideas from the Smartest Philosophers, and The God Question: What Famous Thinkers From Plato to Dawkins Have Said About the Divine, as well as two novels. Pessin also portrayed “The Genius” several times on the David Letterman show.

Admission: $30 ($15/students) for the series; $12 ($5/students) per lecture at the door.

For more information: (860) 643-9563, programming@myshul.org.

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