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A new program trains Connecticut’s Jewish community to fight antisemitism (and we do mean fight)

By Harry Weller

For those who think American Jewish self-defense is an oxymoron, the newly formed Hartford Chapter of The Legion is offering something that may well change your mind. The Legion is looking for 30 adult Jewish community members to undertake its intensive nine-month program beginning in September, which will focus on self-defense in the form Krav Maga, Israel’s own martial art. The Legion’s program also includes first-aid training, accompanied by lectures and discussions on current events concentrating on issues that affect the security of the Jewish community.

The primary objective of The Legion is to provide Jewish community members with the skills and confidence necessary to respond when confronted by threats of antisemitic violence. A related goal is to strengthen ties within the Jewish community among those who might not otherwise interact.

This combination of self-defense and community building is particularly appealing to Meredith Smith, a West Hartford resident and one of the first to apply for Hartford’s program.

Smith, a physically active professional mother of three, believes “It’s important for Jews to defend themselves and be prepared to do so.”

She is equally attracted to the concept of distinct Jewish activities that provide alternative ways for members of the community to meet and bond.

“Israeli self-defense is cultural,” she notes, and will provide unique and easy ways to make friends among those who have a common interest and common culture.

Smith, who wants to “spice up” her workouts, is also attracted to the Hartford Chapter’s program because it includes full membership in a well-equipped local gym, which includes access to the gym’s 70 plus self-defense and fitness classes, including, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, and yoga.

In addition to a great workout, Smith is clear about what she hopes to gain from The Legion.

“A lot of antisemitism is hurtful words,” she notes. “We [Jews] back down with our words when a bully comes and we’re easy targets. So even if I don’t fight, at least I’ll have the confidence to respond. I’m looking for the confidence piece of it. But it would be fantastic to be able to physically respond if I have to.”

The brainchild of New York City entrepreneur Jon Loew, The Legion is a non-profit organization that originated in Manhattan in response to issues that arose during the 2014 Gaza war. Loew noticed an uptick in antisemitic rhetoric and attacks against Jews and was concerned that Jews were unable to stand up to physical confrontations. Consequently, Jews are perceived to be “soft targets.”

“We started the legion to ensure that members of the Jewish community would have the basic training to handle threats of anti-Semitic violence,” says Loew.

According to Loew, the program has produced benefits well beyond teaching self-defense.

“There is an incredible community-building aspect of the program. Members of The Legion come from various denominations, affinity groups, and Jewish backgrounds. They develop close ties to one another, transcending the traditional Jewish organizational barriers to help create a stronger community with more effective community leaders.”

The Hartford program is the first offering outside of New York. Hartford attorney Dan Gottfried, who is primarily responsible for bringing The Legion to Hartford, says, “Self-defense training is proven as a means of developing overall confidence. Our Jewish leaders need, more than anything, the confidence to stand up for what is right.”

Krav Maga training is also steeped in its own irony. Those who think Jews are “soft targets” ignore Israel’s aggressive defense of its citizens and Jewish communities worldwide. Krav Maga, in turn, was created by the Israeli military to give its soldiers an advantage during hand-to-hand combat. Now The Legion is bringing Krav Maga here to ensure that, if necessary, ordinary members of Hartford’s Jewish community won’t be soft targets.

For more information, contact To apply for the September 2018 program in Connecticut, visit

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