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French schools told to enforce ban on head coverings

(JTA) – The French Education Ministry sent out a circular reminding teachers that wearing religious symbols in public schools is illegal and urging them to punish noncompliant students. The reminder appeared in an 83-page document sent May 30 to thousands of public schools throughout France titled “Handbook on Laïcité,” a French-language word describing the principal of ensuring both religious freedom and the separation of religion from the state. Like a document distributed in 2016 on the same subject, the handbook lists both the Jewish kippah, or yarmulke, as forbidden to be worn in public schools, along with head covers favored by Muslim females and large cross pendants. But it goes further than the earlier document in that it instructs teachers to pursue disciplinary measures against those who “test the application” of these rules, as per a law from 2004. It also calls for disciplinary action against students who refuse for religious reasons to partake in activities that some devout individuals consider improper, such as swimming lessons with members of both genders or sexual education classes. Long skirts that appear to comply with religious requirements also are not allowed.

Whereas in the 1990s the majority of Jewish children attended public schools in France, only a third of them do so today, according to Francis Kalifat, the head of the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish communities. Thousands have left the public education system due to antisemitism, he said, including virtually all of the children from observant families where males wear a kippah and girls wear long skirts.

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