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SummerWood staff P.A.S.S. fire safety with flying colors

WEST HARTFORD – Hoffman SummerWood staff practiced putting out fires recently during their fire safety training session with Fire Protection Team (FPT) trainers. A staging area with a large vat of flammable liquid and dozens of fire extinguishers was set in SummerWood’s parking lot. After a full briefing on the proper use of the equipment, each staff member had an opportunity to “Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep (P.A.S.S.)” their own fire extinguisher. After each fire was put out, it was relit for the next staff member.

The training was followed by a barbeque luncheon. “We do this training periodically as our residents’ safety and well-being is our top priority,” said SummerWood Facility Manager Jay Bourret. “The FPT trainers do a great job and the hands-on experience for our staff is very beneficial.”

Shown here, Fire Protection Team’s Jay Patterson looks on as SummerWood employee Ashley Walker demonstrates her fire extinguisher skill.

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